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Undertaking a complete house remodeling project can be incredibly gratifying, although it may feel a bit daunting. This process involves various tasks such as demolishing walls, reconfiguring rooms, expanding the square footage, and making stylistic updates. To ensure a successful outcome, it is crucial to have a clear vision of the desired end result and to plan and design accordingly. Without proper preparation, the project can become protracted and costly. Conversely, when executed correctly, a comprehensive home remodel has the potential to completely transform the space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment, fulfilling a long-held dream.

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As the design of a house covers all rooms, it enables the opportunity to create a harmonious and cohesive atmosphere throughout, maximizing both the visual appeal and functionality of each space. Moreover, undertaking a comprehensive home renovation not only enhances the quality of your family’s daily life but also serves as a valuable investment, increasing the market value of your property. When thoughtfully planned with the future occupants in consideration the remodeled home becomes more attractive to potential buyers, extending it’s appeal beyond the current homeowner.

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Embarking on a comprehensive renovation of your entire house can be overwhelming and intricate. Several aspects need to be taken into account, such as the scope of the remodeling, the overall financial plan, the potential need for permits, and the selection of suitable professionals for each stage of the project. When you engage a design-build residential remodeling firm, you benefit from the convenience of having design, engineering, and construction services covered by a single contract. This arrangement offers you a single point of contact and accountability throughout the project. Our collaboration begins at the outset, allowing us to effectively address your requirements in terms of quality, design, and budget. Not only does working with a design-build firm provide organization and accountability, but it also allows us to offer value engineering. 

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By having our draftsman, engineer, and designer in-house, we can leverage their expertise to analyze the existing architecture. This examination helps identify cost-effective approaches such as relocating walls, adding square footage, or rearranging electrical and/or plumbing systems.

When working with a conventional general contractor, your draftsman lacks the support of an engineer or designer, resulting in designs that cater strictly to your functional requirements. It is important to note that the draftsman’s responsibility lies in creating the floor plan, while decisions pertaining to interior design, such as selecting cabinetry, cabinet pulls, cabinet insert options, lighting, countertops, plumbing fixtures, backsplash, paint, and flooring, are now in your hands. This process may involve significant back and forth communication to ensure proper coordination of all your remodeling needs.


1. Planning and Budgeting
The first major step in full home remodeling project is to plan and budget. A large home remodeling, even a full home reconstruction could be a very expensive endeavor. A basic plan, and a budgetary range can help our team meet the expectations and create a realistic plan that can accomplish all your goals. Once you are ready with a general plan and budget you can bet our professional team of draftsmen and architects can formulate the exact plan needed to get your home fully remodeled.


2. Permits 
Once we have a full design ready to go we have to work with the local municipalities to make sure that all building regulations are followed exactly. We make sure that the permit process is done smoothly, and meets all the requirements from your local, and even state regulations and laws. This is a critical step because we would need to connect your home to the existing city-wide infrastructure.

3. Demolition
When we finish the design and complete the permit process we are finally ready to get started on your project. But first we need to properly demolish and dispose of all the things we will be rebuilding. Walls, pipes, electrical, all these things need to be carefully and properly disposed off so we can rewire, rebuild, and reconnect everything needed for your home.


4. Construction
After demolishing and disposing the rooms, roofs, or anything else necessary for the project we begin the construction phase. This is the most exciting part for our clients because they can view their home being built right before their eyes. This process can sometimes take a long period depending on the size and scope of the project. We work with the most professional teams to make sure that each room and each home is properly built.

5. Finishing touches
The final stage is the finishing touches. Here we apply painting, coating, wiring and piping. Making sure that every element of your project is clean and properly meets the original design plan.

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Kitchen Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions

We partner with our clients to understand their vision, objectives and other opportunities so we can deliver a kitchen remodeling exclusively for you.

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